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Sea Fishing in Japan

My name is Harry and came to Japan to explore everything that is fishy about this amazing country! I knew the tackle was amazing, but I didn't know too much about the fishing and came here to film my fishing adventures! 5 months later I was still in Japan and embarking on an adventure of showing the world how amazing this place really is!

My Story

I have been fishing since before I could walk, my old man put a rod in my hand as his first priority and safe to say the love affair has continued ever since. However, my other passion was travel and after travelling to over 30 countries with a fishing rod in my bag, I've managed to fish and explore some amazing countries and meet some amazing people. However, nothing was as special as Japan. The food, the people, the lifestyle, the culture but also the fishing. The fishing was out of this world and when I arrived it was the middle of Winter! But I found that people of the world just weren't aware.

I'm also an avid film maker and have made Youtube videos for the last 2 years with the channel approaching 5,000 subscribers! Documenting my fishing journey around the globe I fish in funky places and epic places! Worth a watch to find out more about Japan. The channel is called Bang Average Fishing, check the details out below!


As such Japanese Fishing Adventures was born. With a passion for Japanese culture and fishing I want to bring tourists around the world a true Japanese fishing experience and thats what Japanese Fishing Adventures aims to do!  

Bang Average Fishing

Check out Bang Average Fishing which is full of Japanese fishing adventures below and the man behind Japanese Fishing Adventures...

Rigged and Ready Travel Rods

The Most Compact & Multi Functional Rods In The World!

Japanese Fishing Adventures is proud to say that we are sponsored by Rigged and Ready Travel Rods. Rigged and Ready are a company Bang Average Fishing has worked with for a number of years. We will be launching in Japan in the coming weeks so stay tuned as this will be released on the blog!

Find out more about Rigged and Ready with the link below and R&R's social media platforms!

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