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5 Reasons Why YOU need to come fishing in Japan!?

Japan is a magical country. Unbelievable scenery, unbelievable food and unbelievable people, the list goes on!

But why come fishing in Japan? It’s not a nation you see plastered over social media or fishing publications as a must go fishing destination. This Blog post is here to change that! Here’s 5 reasons why any angling fanatic MUST come fishing in Japan:


Japan has a huge variety in fishing opportunities. Whether you want to fly fish on crystal clear mountain streams for various trout species, bait cast your way to glory with huge largemouth Bass or put yourself up to the ultimate challenge and

Rainbow Trout from fishing in Japan - Hokkaido gets to -7 in Winter!
Rainbow Trout Ice Fishing

target huge sportfish like Marlin and Mahi Mahi, you can do everything! The variety comes from the variety of weather conditions which is incredibly unique for such a small country. From the North in Hokkaido where in winter you will be treated to -7 degrees Celsius conditions, too Okinawa where tropical weather fronts remain all year to everything in between, this makes for a multi species angler's paradise!

Home to World Record Catches

Fishing in Japan can produce surprising results
Huge Largemouth Bass in Japan

Largemouth Bass is widely known amongst anglers for being one of fishing’s greatest sport fish. In the USA Largemouth Bass Fishing is a huge industry with people challenging off in large competitions competing to catch the biggest fish! Well fun fact for you all… the world record largemouth Bass was caught right here in Japan, Lake

Biwa to be precise! (Lucky for you we have a guided tour option here at Japanese Fishing Adventures to let you target one of the monsters that live in the Lake!). The fish weighed over 22Ib and tells you the scope of how big Largemouth Bass get in Japan.

Fishing Tackle

Whether you use a piece of bamboo or the finest Shimano reel, your mind will truly be blown by the fishing tackle here in Japan. The technology that has gone into everything from reels to lures is non comparable to anywhere else on the planet. In fact, some tackle is only available exclusively in Japan, you won’t find it anywhere else! Make your way to Tokyo or Osaka and head into Johshuya Tackle (link below) and be blown away by the variety and selection. That’s only to name one tackle shop there are so many more you need to discover! (Any questions please drop us an email!)

Catch and Cook

As I am sure a lot of you will know Japan, is one of the culinary kings of the world, providing some of the best food the planet can offer and that especially applies to fish. The Japanese diet is made up in the majority of fish, so as such chefs specializing in different fish species cover the whole country. For example, Puffer Fish is a real delicacy a

nd chefs train for over 9 years to ensure they can cook this poisonous fish appropriately in order to ensure consumption for humans! If you head out fishing, best example being Tokyo Bay for Suzuki (Sea Bass) you are guaranteed an unbelievable meal at the end of your hard days work, with Sashimi and Tempura being popular options. Suzuki Sashimi is something every fisherman has to try! Our guide in Tokyo will put you in touch with a great chef who will cook your catch for very minimal cost!

Natural Beauty

When many people think of Japan, they think of urban metropolises such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, but in fact the country has large sections of complete wilderness. Prime Example would be Hokkaido the most northerly island here in Japan, where foxes roam the unpopulated streets and Bears thrive in the Spring, Summer and Autumn

Fishing in Japan consists of fishing in beautiful places
What a beautiful spot to go fishing!

months. If you want a wild fishing experience then head up North and fancy your chances fishing amongst the endless wildlife, miles and miles from civilization! However, the great thing about Japan is infrastructure even in these remote areas there are well paved roads and routes to getting to these places. If you are prepared to drive and in no rush, fishing in the remote wilderness is not a pipe dream!

So, there you go! Just a few reasons to go fishing in Japan! Variety of species, potential world record captures, cooking delights, next level tackle technology and out of this world beauty. What more could an angler possibly want!?

Here at Japanese Fishing Adventures, we can help plan your fishing excursions across the country and get you out with the best guides and well-known fisherman in the country to ensure you not only catch fish but have a great time in the process as well! Check out our trips and don’t be afraid to drop us an email with any questions or queries – we are here to help and get your trips booked!

If you also want to watch some of what Japan has to offer, head over to

Bang Average Fishing, a fishing channel that has documented fishing trips all across Japan and the world. You’ll even see some of our guides in action:

Tight lines everyone and hopefully see you all soon!


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