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Bass Fishing In JAPAN! Huge Bass in Lake Biwa!

Lake Biwa is a special lake here in Japan, not only because it is the largest lake in the country, with a length of 40 miles North to South and a circumference of 253km, but its home to some HUGE HUGE FISH!

Big Bass in Japan
Big Lake Biwa Bass

In some circles Japan is known for its Largemouth Bass Fishing, with many large natural and man made water systems, its inevitable Bass would thrive here. However, they are technically an invasive species. Bass were introduced to Japan in 1925 as a food source and for entertainment. However, it wasn’t until the 70’s when Bass fishing came to prominence in Japan. The economic boom in the country saw affluence rise and an admiration for western lure fishing styles compared to the historic delicate more finesse fishing. In the 50 years since introduction, they have spawned rapidly and spread widely across the country, making Bass one of the most sort after fish in the country.

Now you know the history, let’s talk about the present! Lake Biwa is a mecca for Bass fishing across Japan, with thousands of people coming to fish its waters all year. The Bass can be caught all year round, with Kyoto’s mild temperatures. The Summer months see the fish move to the south of the lake where the water is shallower and weedier and in the colder months they head towards the North of the lake where the water is significantly deeper. The Lake is full of structure and drop offs, providing great hiding places for hungry Bass to hole up and ambush prey that is swimming across their path. Summer months allow for shore line fishing and tickets can be purchased across the Lake Biwa area, however, due to its size boat fishing is recommended and especially in the winter months.

Summer months can see anglers use large swimbaits in addition to shallow diving lures, with the bass hanging out in shallower areas in addition to being some what more aggressive. Winter sees the fish slow up, but continue feeding with soft baits and sinking slow moving cranks work well too.

Finding guides can be hard to find on Lake Biwa, but luckily for you, Japanese Fishing Adventures can aid in getting you the best guide on the lake!

Japanese LargeMouth Bass
Lovely Biwa Bass

We have a great English-speaking guide, who knows the lake inside and out. He

boasts connections with large lure companies and has caught a significant number of double figure Bass on the lake. Make sure you head to over to our bookings page and enquire about availability. We will get you out on the water and have a great day!

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