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The 2024 season countdown is well and truly ON! And Japanese Fishing Adventures, is ready to get the season off to a great start! We obviously offer fishing all over the country, but our fishing here in Hokkaido really kicks off around May time and we wanted to offer a special discount for early bird bookings and also provide some more information which may tempt you into fishing in the area!! (Read to the end to find out about our discounts!)

Fishing in Niseko, particularly along the stunning Shiribetsu River, is an angler's dream come true. From May through November, the river boasts an abundance of Brown trout, Rainbow trout, and the elusive White Spotted Charr, making it a haven for fishing enthusiasts seeking adventure and a memorable catch.

Niseko Fishing
Niseko Fishing Experience

The Serene Waters of Shiribetsu River: A Fishing Paradise

Discovering the River's Treasures

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Niseko, the Shiribetsu River offers an unmatched fishing experience. As you cast your line into the crystal-clear waters, the anticipation of hooking a beautiful Brown trout, the vibrant Rainbow trout, or the prized White Spotted Charr heightens the excitement.

Seasonal Delights

The fishing season from May to November ensures a diverse range of catches throughout the year. Early May sees the start of the fishing season, with a variety of fly life starting to hatch and the river levels returning to fishable levels after the snow melt. The river comes alive during this period as the fish are hungry and aggressive following the cold cold winter months!

A Quest for White Spotted Charr

The White Spotted Charr, known for its rarity and stunning appearance, is a prized catch among seasoned fishermen. Its presence in the Shiribetsu River adds an element of challenge and excitement to the fishing experience. Anglers can immerse themselves in the pursuit of this elusive species, testing their skills against nature's marvel.

Niseko Fishing for White Spotted Char
The Elusive White Spotted Char

Embracing Nature's Beauty

Beyond the thrill of the catch, fishing along the Shiribetsu River offers a chance to immerse oneself in the breathtaking natural surroundings. The serene waters, surrounded by lush greenery and the scenic backdrop of Niseko's landscapes, create an idyllic setting for a tranquil and rejuvenating fishing expedition.

Early Bird Bookings: An Opportunity Not to Miss

For those eager to experience the best of Shiribetsu River's fishing extravaganza, early bird bookings present a fantastic opportunity. We are offering 20% off for any bookings prior to the 31st March! For a solo angler that means it will only cost 24000¥for a full days fishing!

Get Booked TODAY!

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