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Suzuki Fishing in Tokyo - What You Need To Know?

Suzuki, aka the Japanese Sea Bass. A sports fish prized by the Japanese and worldwide fisherman a like. This hard fighting fish (pound for pound one of the hardest fighting on the planet!) has to be on your must catch fish list here in Japan.

Basic Info

How would I describe a Suzuki? Well, it’s a perfect blend of a Snook (mainly caught in the US) and a European Sea Bass. Streamlined silver body but rather than the wide gaping mouth it has an upturned sharp mouth, used for hording small

Suzuki Fishing in Tokyo Bay
Happy Customers in Tokyo Bay!

baitfish in the shallows! These fish average around the 50cm-60cm size but can be caught up to 1m long and safe to say with a fish that size you will know about it!


Suzuki can be found around the coast of most areas South of Tokyo in the warmer waters of the Japanese Sea and in rampaging east coast of Japan in the Pacific. But a hot bed and infamous spot to catch these fish is in Tokyo Bay. Tokyo Bay is one of the largest Bass nurseries in the world, with fish thriving and spawning in its surprisingly clean urban waters. Tokyo Bay is full of structure and this structure certainly allows the fish to hide and thrive from commercial fishing.

Fishing in Tokyo City Centre
Tokyo City Fishing

However, you don’t need to get out on a boat to catch these amazing fish, albeit it makes a massive difference. Suzuki alike to most sea bass species, follow the tidal currents and will come into brackish water to feed. Tokyo itself is built across various rivers but too infamous Suzuki running rivers are the Arakawa River and the Sumida River, both in Tokyo city centre. You will find anglers all year round casting for that specimen fish on upcoming tides as the fish follow the small baitfish that move from the mouth of the rivers upstream. However, it should be said the more specimen fish do tend to hang offshore targeting the various species of baitfish that live off the numerous structure marks within the Bay itself.

When & How?

Suzuki can be fished for all year round. The low months are July and August but that’s not to say you won’t hook up, the Bay then starts to see a variety of fish such as Horse Mackerel and even Tuna. However, even in the winter colder months the fish will conti

Suzuki Fishing in Tokyo Bay
Good Sized Suzuki From Our Skipper

nue to feed out in the bay and work up the various river systems. Typically, it tends to be smaller Suzuki that come up the rivers in the winter months, but that isn’t to say the bigger fish don’t arrive too. In the warmer months you do stand a chance in the day, but most will target Suzuki at night as they can get spooked easily. At night time their confidence really increases and in the dead of night you will often here large splashes on the surface as they swim full speed ahead into unassuming shoals of baitfish.

In the warmer Spring and Autumn months the fish are feeding hard on horse mackerel and larger baitfish, meaning they can be targeted on large diving crankbaits and topwater lures, especially at night, whereas in the winter months they are feeding on the smaller whitebait/sardine/mullet species, which requires a smaller and more subtle approach. In the summer months you want high vibration and bright colours triggering their instincts whereas the winter the small diving minnow baits really work well. Even in the mudd/sandy estuary areas Suzuki will find your lure, they use both eye sight and their lateral line to sense any small vibration in the water, so don’t feel forced to use aggressive lures to attract these fish. Their instincts are second to known and are highly adaptable feeders to all areas of the river and sea. It is critical to match the bait fish to the time of year, even though they are very aggressive feeders they are also incredibly sensitive and highly tuned hunters.


Suzuki fishing is incredibly fun and out on the boat a bad day would be constituted as catching 15-20 fish! Sounds a lot doesn’t it? But the sheer numbers of these fish is truly mind-blowing and the take you receive when they hit your bait/lure is second to none. Here at Japanese Fishing Adventures we can organize you a trip of a life time chasing down these fish, fishing on some of the areas top marks. Our skipper has a phenomenal amount of experience targeting these fish, and can put you straight on the fish through intuition and on board technology.

There are a variety of options available, whether you fancy a morning out or a full day, we can cater completely for your requirements, so please get in touch and we can your trip booked today! I should also add these fish taste amazing, whether grilled, tempura or sashimi (I recommend sashimi) and you are more than welcome to take 1 or 2 fish from your trip! Tight lines and see you soon!

If you want to see what a day is like on the water, check out the below video, this was my day on the water in early March and we had a BLAST!

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